Painting of interior surfaces


ISOMAT-CLASSIC High-quality emulsion paint for interior use

UNI-PRIMER Acrylic, water-based primer

DUROCRET Polymer-modified cement mortar

UNICRET Mortar for rendering and masonry

UNICRET-FAST Fast-setting, white repairing mortar

STUCCOCRET Spatula putty

ISOMASTIC-A Elastoplastic acrylic sealant



Painting walls requires the application of paints that are durable, have excellent bonding to the substrate, good coverage (economical use of material) and provide an easily cleaned final surface.


ISOMAT-COLOR is an ideal solution for painting plaster, concrete, gypsum boards etc.

It is a white, water-based, plastic paint based on copolymer PVA-VEOVA. It provides:

  • Brilliant whiteness.

  • Excellent coverage.

  • Vapor permeability, allowing the substrate to breathe.

  • Excellent bonding to the substrate.

  • Excellent washability.

  • Aesthetically pleasing finish.


Substrate preparation

  1. The surface to be painted must be dry and free of any grease, dust and loose particles.

  2. Any existing imperfections in the plaster should be repaired with DUROCRET, polymer modified mortar, with UNICRET, cement-lime mortar or with UNICRET-FAST, fast-setting cement-lime mortar.

  3. Stuccoing of surfaces should be made with STUCCOCRET, spatula putty.

  4. Cracks and joints should be filled, after they have been widened to 3 mm, with ISOMASTIC-A plastic-elastic acrylic sealant.

  5. Subsequently, the surface should be primed with UNI-PRIMER acrylic primer. Especially when the plaster is loose and can be rubbed off, UNI-PRIMER stabilizes its surface.
    Consumption of UNI-PRIMER: 100-200 g/m2, depending on the absorptivity of the surface.

  6. Once the primer has dried, application of ISOMAT-COLOR can follow.

Application of ISOMAT-COLOR
ISOMAT-COLOR may be used undiluted or diluted with 5-10% water. 2 coats should be applied by brush, roller or spray. The second coat should only be applied once the first coat is fully dry.
Coverage: 8-10 m2/kg per coat.